MAI Pre-University students invent a device that deals with insomnia

4 February 2021

MAI Pre-University students invent a device that deals with insomnia

Insomnia affects anyone and can dramatically decrease the quality of life. It is common both among young adults, especially during the exam sessions, and older people.

MAI Pre-University is a unique school where the high school students not only study technical disciplines but also search for solutions to practical problems like curing insomnia.

By leading individual projects and implementing creative solutions with the help of the high-tech university equipment, they have created new sleep equipment, an electronic vaporizer that helps to relax and fall asleep. This invention has become one of the recent promising ideas introduced by the schoolchildren attending MAI Pre-University courses.

“Approximately 20% of the world's population suffers from insomnia”, says project manager, the student of the 11th grade of the MAI Pre-University, Maxim Pyankov. “During the Pre-University Summer Camp, my friends and I thought of a device that would help people that suffer from minor sleep disorders. It operates affecting several senses at once: the device emits soft light, plays calm music and vapors pleasant scent, helping to relieve stress and feel sleepy.”

The team that has designed and assembled the device consists of five 11th grade students of the MAI Pre-University. The body of the device has been printed out on a 3D printer at the MAI "Takeoff Trajectory” Technopark, and the electronic components have been assembled there too.

The device looks like the Yandex smart speaker; however, it has an additional compartment where water and aroma oils are filled in. As in many modern domestic air humidifiers, the device is equipped with a piezo emitter, the plate that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency and turns liquid into smallest droplets, creating water vapor. As per music, there is the track list already installed into the device, but in the future, the developers plan to create an application that will allow the owner to upload his own playlist.

“We are looking forward to expanding its functionality. We are already testing some functions of the “smart home”, like opening and closing the curtain via radio modules. We also plan to make it smartphone controllable”.

The authors of the project are going to apply for participation in the international Gagarin Conference, that is to be held in April 2021. By the way, Maxim Pyankov and two members of his team have already had a successful experience of presenting their inventions at the conference. In 2020, they took the third place at the Gagarin Conference with the project of a compact module, which, when installed on a regular bicycle, turns it into the electric module. They hope that the new project will also be highly appreciated by the experts.


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