Hiking in 2021: Dyatlov Pass, Antarctic plateau and volcanoes

2 February 2021

During the New Year holidays the members of the Moscow Aviation Institute Tourist Club, as always, conquered new heights. The club members headed for four exciting and strenuous hikes of various degrees of difficulty. On December 25, the members of the ski three in a team of nine under the leadership of Dmitry Pribylov went to Kamchatka. Their route of the third category of difficulty went through the village Kozyrevsk - r. Shiroky – st. Stol - river Studennaya - volcano Plosky Tolbachik - lane Plotina - volcano Ovalnaya Zimina - st. Plotina - r. Sukhaya Hapitsa - r. Chernova - Schmidt ice – Vulcanologov pass – Sredny pass - Sredny ice - volcano Ploskaya Blizhnaya (Krestovsky) - Sredny ice - Stolbovoy brook - village Klyuchy.

At some places, the route was very tough. Thus, on the Bezymyanny pass, due to the hurricane wind, there was an extremely low, and the group had to use the GPS. The hikers celebrated the New Year in a tent, and two days later, at the Vulkanologov pass, they were able to observe a powerful one-time ashfall from the main crater of Klyuchevskaya and hot lava flows on the southeastern slope, after which they descended to the Antarctic plateau and continued their way. The group completed their route on January 7.

On December 29, eight tourists guided by Alexander Bakanov went on a ski trip of the first degree of difficulty to the South Urals. The route of the group was as follows: Zyuratkyul village - Lake Zyuratkyul – 847 pass - Big Nurgush mountain - ice fountain - Sredny Nurgush - Bolshoy Bereznyak - v. Kamennaya Relka - Larkino gorge - v. Iremel – Tyulyuk village.

On December 30, another team travelled to the Southern Ural. It was a group of nine tourists guided by Lyubov Blagoveshenskaya. They also went through the route of the first degree of difficulty: the village Katavka – Sibersky pass - v. Bolshoy Uvan - cordon "Near three peaks" - Sredny Nurgush pass - Kamennaya river - Cordon of the Iremel Natural Park - Small Iremel mountain- Bolshoy Iremel mountain - Tyulyuk. The ascent to the highest peak in the region - Bolshoi Iremel mountain (5200 ft) - became the most impressive event for both groups. The trips were finished on January 7.

On the same day, a group of ten people headed by Rustam Bikchurin set off on a hike of the third degree of difficulty in the Northern Ural. After celebrating the New Year in the train, the adventure-lovers headed for the route: Ushma – Ilyich base – Dyatlov Pass n \ k - traverse GUKH from the sources of Lozva to the sources of Manskaya Volosnitsa through 1005 1A - r. Pechora - north of the city of Pecheria Talyakhchal 1A - r. Yanysos - r. Lutsoulya - the base Trehrechye - Ust Manya.
The tourists passed the Dyatlov Pass without incident, but on the entire route, they had to fight low temperatures. At the beginning of the journey, the temperature dropped at -41 degrees, two days later it was -42 degrees. In the middle of the hike, the temperature dropped below -30 more than once. The group ended their route on January 13.

2020 was a hard year, the pandemic changed the travel plans of millions of people. However, MAI residents never give up. Against all odds, in 2020, the tourists of the MAI Tourist Club made

  • Six ski trips with 49 participants

  • Eight mountain hikes with 46 participants

  • Three water trips with 36 participants

  • One hike for children and families, in which 21 children and 19 adults took part.

To sum up the achievements of the MAI Tourist Club in 2020, the group led by Andrey Potapenko (Caucasus, Bezengi) and the ski hiking group guided by Sergey Romanenkov (Kodar) took the third place at the Russian mountain hiking championship in the absolute class. In addition, the group led by Vera Kalistratova occupied the fourth place among trips of the third or fourth degrees of difficulty (Khamar-Daban) at the championship of the Central Federal District on ski trips.

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