Moscow Aviation Institute and Russian Engineering Union organize donor campaign

2 February 2021

On 26-28 of January, the students of the Moscow Aviation Institute took part in the offsite free donor campaign that was carried out at the City Clinical Hospital No. 52. The event was organized by the Moscow Regional Branch of the Russian Engineering Union, the MAI Volunteer Corps and the Blood Transfusion Department of the City Clinical Hospital No. 52.

50 MAI students took part in the campaign, many of them for the first time. All the participants received memorable gifts from the partners.
MAI students have proven to be very active donors. The Donor Days are organized by the MAI Volunteer Corps on the territory of the university every year. Their participation is especially valuable now. This time, the most active students were from the following departments: Institute No. 2 for Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Plants, Institute No. 3 for Control Systems, Informatics and Power Engineering, No. 6 Aerospace Institute, and Institute No. 9 for General Engineering.

The donors’ feedback

Ilya Zhuravlev, the 1st year student of the Institute No. 2: 

"It went well enough, considering it was my first experience of donating blood. It took me some time to fill in all the documents, though still, not too long. I am glad that I had an opportunity to help someone."

Vladimir Dubinin, the 1st year student of the Institute No. 2: 

"This was my very first blood donation. Most of all I was worried that my Rh would be negative and the blood group would be 0, but everything went well."

Maria Karshina, the 2nd year student of the Institute No. 3: 

“Everyone in the blood donation center was so friendly, and that was a pleasant surprise for me. The nurse even hugged me and wished me good luck. I felt like a part of something important and significant. I have such a blood group that makes me a universal donor, and, probably, my blood will save someone's life. I would not probably ever find it out, but that is not the most important thing about it, right?"

Sofya Voropaeva, the 3rd year student of the Institute No. 3:

"I have also donated blood for the first time, therefore I was very nervous. But everything went well. I would like to express my gratitude to the MAI Volunteer Center for helping to do a good deed. I have always wanted to become a donor, yet I hadn’t had an opportunity."

Danil Boriskin, the 1st year student of the Institute No. 3:

"Radio electronics, info-communications and information security”: “The first time is the scariest, but thanks to the staff, afterwards only positive emotions remain. It's great to know that you can save someone's life."

Nikita Kharlamov, the 3rd year student of the Institute No. 2:

"This is not my first donor campaign, but every time is like the first time. It is always a little scary, but when the moment comes, it goes smooth and it feels good knowing that you could help someone. I am planning to participate again and invite my friends too. Of course, I would advise everyone to do that."

Ruslan Volkov, the 2nd year student of the MAI Rocket and Space branch in Khimki:

"The donor campaign was well organized. After the campaign, I thought about starting donating blood on regular basis. And I advise everyone should do this too because your blood can save someone's life!"

Last year, 436 people took part in the Donor Day, 283 of them donated their blood. In total, 128 litres of blood was passed to the blood bank. Thank you, donors!

In order to take part in the donor campaign, a foreign MAI student needs to have a Russian registration for at least 1 year, and during that year, he/she needs to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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