MAI Volunteer Corps help the dogs from the shelter to socialize

22 January 2021

    The volunteers of the Moscow Aviation Institute lend a helping hand not only to people but also to animals in trouble, especially to those who are homeless. At the end of the last year, the MAI Volunteer Corps cooperated with the “GETSUPERDOG” municipal shelter, situated in Khimki. Currently, there are more than 600 dogs in the shelter, and each of them needs a loving and caring master.

    The dogs arrive in the GETSUPERDOG after being caught by the special service. All the animals undergo very important stages of socialization and learn to communicate with people.

    - Each dog has its unique background: some of them trust all the guests and others are afraid of even being scarcely touched, - tells Elena Yankovay, the head of the MAI Volunteer Corps. - The volunteers take them for a walk and pet them. That is how trust can be restored. Once a dog starts to eagerly communicate with guests, it is time to search for a master.

    The volunteers responded to the request of the shelter and joined the socialization process. It was on the 19th of January that they visited the shelter for the first time. They got acquainted with the dogs and gave them the attention and affection they needed so much.

    The MAI Volunteer Corps will stay committed to assisting the shelter by rehabilitating its inhabitants, sharing information about the shelter's needs, and looking for trustworthy loving families for the dogs.

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