Lean School opens for ISS-Reshetnev employees at MAI

19 January 2021

On January 18, the first School of lean production of the Moscow Aviation Institute was opened. The program's first topic dedicated to "Organisation of small spacecraft serial production" was joined by the representatives of the Space Systems Department of MAI, and the specialists of the Information Satellite Systems-Reshetnev Company, who are responsible for the IoT Marathon project implementation.

The program has been elaborated by the Directorate of Advanced Manufacturing Projects headed by Valentina Sizikova, who has over 15 years of experience in applying the concept of “lean manufacturing” in diverse spheres and industries, for example discrete and continuous manufacturing, or small- and large-scale production with a long manufacturing cycle. Similar to the other educational programs opened in the Moscow Aviation Institute, the idea of the Lean School, is based on the implementation of a specific practical task.

MAI Rector, Mikhail Pogosyan, delivered an opening speech highlighting that the organization of production in the aviation industry, which has been already applying advanced technologies to create competitive products. Another key-note speaker, Nikolay Testedov, General Director of ISS-Reshetnev, outlined the importance of the project for the organization development strategy. He also marked that the space industry market is moving towards the services based on small spacecraft groups and that the key to making such services competitive is good understanding of customer requirements. The event was also attended by Sergey Prokhorov, Director of the Advanced Programmes and Project Sphere Department of Roskosmos State Corporation, who presented his report on "Aims and objectives of the “Sfera” subprogram. 

The Role of the Marathon IoT system in the subprogram". Kirill Konev, Project Manager of the MAI Innovation, Strategy and Communications Department, introduced the requirements of investors for the projects in the space industry. In addition, Director of the Advanced Educational Program Directorate Dmitry Kaisin made a report on the goals and curriculum of the Lean-school program, presenting the results of the preparatory work of the ISS-Reshetnev and MAI project teams. 

On the basis of those results, he formulated the purpose of the business concept development program and the "Marathon IoT" project for the multi-satellite data transmission system and for elaborating a model for organizing small satellites serial production. Particular attention was paid to the formation of a value chain for the customer and the integration of mutually beneficial business models for all its participants.

The work of the school begun with the analyzis of the market of those services that are provided on the basis of the small spacecraft orbital group. The first educational module entitled "Market and Business Model Project" is dedicated to this topic. Svetlana Isaeva, the head of the 'Marketing' competence centre of the MAI and an international expert in marketing, who has established the commercial division of the Irkut's Regional Aircraft Corporation branch and the Superjet International, is working with the project team within the module.

The module terminates on 23 January. By that time, the participants will have identified the key parameters of the projects' business model, which might affect the organization of serial production.

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