Over 50 young professionals are to graduate from the MAI-SJTU joint program

19 January 2021

On January 18, the students of the unique Dual Master Degree Program launched by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in cooperation with the Moscow Aviation Institute started defending their master's theses. In 2021, a total of 24 Russian and 29 Chinese students will graduate from the programme. Since 2018, they have been trained in the areas of "Designing Units from Polymer Composite Materials", "Product Lifecycle Management in Aircraft Design" and "Aircraft Engines".

Due to the fact that last semester the educational process was organised remotely, it was decided to conduct the defence in a mixed format. Thus, Chinese students defended their projects in person, while Russian students defended them online on the Zoom platform. The presentation of the final papers to the State Examination Board of SJTU began early in the morning, at 04:00 Moscow time, and lasted about 10 hours. The exam board consisted of professors and teachers of the SJTU, as well as experts from the Chinese aviation industry. The delegation from MAI University - professors, scientific supervisors of profile areas and programme supervisors - also attended the defence.

This year, students were given the opportunity to defend their thesis in January or February. On the first day, 13 students from Russia defended their right to receive a master's degree in aerospace technology SJTU. Although some projects were called for revision (students are required to make corrections before the deadline to submit their thesis to the electronic archive of SJTU), all the 13 people successfully defended their works in front of the exam board.

The MAI and SJTU implement a unique dual-degree programme aiming to provide comprehensive training of Russian and Chinese students to form a talent pool for the Russian-Chinese project of wide-body long-range aircraft (SFJMT CR929). The programme partners are such companies as PJSC "United Aircraft Corporation", United Engine Corporation, JSC "Irkut Corporation", COMAC and AECC (Aero Engine Corporation of China). In 2017, three master's programmes were opened, with 29 Russian and 23 Chinese students being the first graduates. In 2019, three undergraduate programmes were added to the programme. At the moment, more than 200 students are enrolled in these programmes, and the fifth intake for the Master's programme is underway.

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