MAI employees took part in small-sized rocket drive unit creation

12 January 2021

Experts of the department 702 "Aerospace Technology Drive Systems" of Moscow Aviation Institute, together with JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation and PJSC ANPP Temp-Avia (Arzamas) carried out comprehensive work related to the design of the control system for new small-sized missile. This project was awarded second place at the 12th Russian Intersectoral Youth Competition of scientific and technical papers and projects "Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics" in "Robotics, Intelligent Systems and Aircraft Weapon".

The work was carried out in several stages. At the first stage the corporation set the task of developing new competencies as far as the creation of electric steering drives at its Temp-Avia enterprise is concerned. The Arzamas enterprise employees received the set of design documentation for the block of electric steering drives with wave transmissions and digital control developed by the MAI department 702. As a result, Temp-Avia experts briefly created their own block of steering drives, which is distinguished by original constructive solutions that ensured the achievement of minimum possible weight and dimensions.

At the same time, MAI experts were developing specialized test stand for testing the drive unit, including in the semi-natural simulation mode, which allows check all systems of the product even before the first test launches are carried out.

"The requirements for the technical perfection of new aircraft weapons can often be met only via the implementation of new technologies, though not through the modification of the existing products" — says Artem Alekseenkov, the associate professor of the 702 department, who led the project at the MAI side. — Obviously, this increases the technical risks and the timing of development. In order to meet the terms and cost parameters, along with the design of the new units, special purpose test equipment should be created simultaneously, the one that will allow debugging the entire control system and also take into account the peculiarities of its subsystems. We interacted with JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation very closely, while within the course of the work there was a clear separation of the working processes: the corporation made a complex of semi-natural modeling, and MAI — its separate subsystem, the stand of hinged moments, working as part of this complex".

Separate elements of the hinge moments stand were effectively used even before they were added to the semi-natural modeling complex: for prototypes and prototypes of drives developed in cooperation with Temp-Avia testing.

Now the work on the drive unit is at its final stage: the design and technological assembly is currently being prepared. The work also continues on the stand, it will later be used for other products testing too.

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