Online Martial Arts School is opened in MAI

18 December 2020

On 9-11 December Moscow Aviation Institute with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the Russian Union of Martial Arts (RSBI), is holding the II Interregional Student Martial Arts School "Path to the Future". This year the event that is bringing together students who are interested in martial arts is to be held online.

The aim of the martial arts school is to increase interest of the young people to martial arts. The participants not only receive new skills and exercise, they also develop the leadership talents and improve their self-esteem, get control over their weaknesses and bring up the strength of mind and learn to live in harmony with themselves. Besides, the school helps to improve the interaction between the universities in the area of the martial arts and to develop the student sport clubs and also helps the starters to make new friends that are like-minded.

The educating online program on the basis of the Getcourse platform was created for the participants of the school. There will be eight webinars with professional coaches in total dedicated to different kinds of martial arts. The webinar format allows not only to receive the information on the topic of the lesson but also to get into the direct communication with the coach and ask any questions.

More than 200 students and graduate students aged 18 to 27 got enrolled to the school this year. Upon completion of the course and the assignment each of them will receive the certificate and school souvenirs. You can follow the events at the school on social networks Instagram and VKontakte.

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