MAI assistant professor received the FAI diploma for his contribution to aeromodelling

14 December 2020

MAI assistant professor of MAI department № 204 "Aerospace Thermal Engineering" Aleksey Ezhov was given the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) award for his contribution to aeromodelling. He received the Paul Tissandier diploma, which is awarded to people who devoted themselves to aviation and achieved significant success in it. The candidates are proposed by the FAI member countries.

Alexey Ezhov got into aeromodelling in 2003. In 2008 he got enrolled to the MAI Institute № 2 "Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Pants" and became an active participant of the MAI Aeromodelling Sports Club. Alexey applied the knowledge that he gained at the university to practical tasks, constantly increasing the efficiency of his performance at competitions. In 2014 he was awarded the title of Master of Sports of Russia of International Class. Then he graduated from the university with distinction and continued his education in graduate program. In 2017 Alexey defended his Ph.D. thesis and was awarded the degree of the candidate of technical sciences.

Now Alexei Ezhov has already received 58 international and 25 Russian awards, 42 of them are golden, 26 silver and 15 bronze. In 2019 the Russian Aeromodelling Federation recognized him as the best one in the country in aeromodelling, and World Air Sports Federation — the best in the world in aeromodelling of the S class model.

Alexey enjoys well-deserved authority over the members of the aeromodelling society both in Russia and abroad. He is the member of the Presidium of the Russian Aeromodelling Federation and the chairman of the Federation’s Committee on rocket models. He is busy with the organization of championships, of Russian Cups, as well as FAI World Cup stages; leads the Russian national aeromodelling team in the rocket model class at international competitions.

His trainees repeatedly climbed the podium at the World and European Championships, became the absolute leaders in the number of medals among teams from different countries. Currently, Alexey Ezhov teaches children in aircraft and rocket modeling clubs and also teaches MAI students according to the department profile.

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