The International Week of Aerospace Technology "Aerospace Science Week" ended in Moscow Aviation Institute

The International Week of Aerospace Technology "Aerospace Science Week" ended in Moscow Aviation Institute

On the 27th November of 2020 the VII International Week of Aerospace Technology "Aerospace Science Week" (ASW) ended in Moscow Aviation Institute. More than 1000 participants from more than 15 countries took part in various events organized during the period starting from 23rd of November and ending on 27th of November 2020 as part of the ASW. The participants represented more than 200 organizations including the leading aerospace enterprises, scientific and research institutes and hi-tech universities, etc.

International "Aviation and Cosmonautics" Conference

The 19th International Conference "Aviation and Cosmonautics" became the central event of the week. It is conducted online and allows to generalize the advanced expertise of the production and scientific organizations worldwide and to strengthen the partnership and determine further directions of the development of the Russian aerospace complex.

The participants of the conference discussed the pressing issues of the aviation systems, rocket and space systems, aviation and rocket engines and power plants, control systems, information telecommunication technology. Apart from this, the attention was focused on the robotics technology and the intellectual systems, the mathematical methods in aerospace science and engineering, new materials and production technology, the economics and the industry enterprises management.

Within the scope of «Aviation and Rocket Engines and Power Plants» topic the conference with international participation "The Applied Super Conductivity and Cryogenics in the Power Systems" (ASCPS-2020) was held. The event united the experts in perspective power plants, power engineering, materials science and mathematical modeling, technologies and devices operating at low temperatures, providing new quality of power systems based on the effect of super conductivity.

During the "Aviation and Сosmonautics" Сonference round table session on "Methods of Countering Technogenic Threats in Order to Ensure the Safety of Space Activities" was also conducted. The issue of man-made threats arising from the operation of space vehicles is today recognized by the world community among those requiring closest attention at the moment. The experts discussed methods of spacecraft protection from collisions with space debris and shared proposals on their efficiency improvement. Particularly, the method of removing dangerous fragments from orbit via ion beam exposure was considered in detail.

New thematic conferences

This year three thematic online international conferences were included in the ASW business program for the first time. Therefore, the conferences "Composite Materials and Constructions", "Mathematical Modelling" and "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" came as new experience for Moscow Aviation Institute. All these areas are of high priority from the point of view of the research and educational activities in MAI and are developed within the scope of work of the relevant centers of competence and the implementation of programs of higher and additional professional education.

The conferences were attended by the representatives of the largest industry corporations and a number of leading research centers, Russian and foreign universities, including Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong Transport University, Luxembourg University, French National Center for Scientific Research, etc.

The level of experts invited to the conference and the topics discussed showed the highest relevance and great demand for such events. The creation of new points of consolidation of the world community for the formation and further solution of complex tasks in the most modern high-tech areas of development of science and industry is the main goal of new conferences conducted at the MAI premises.

Contest and seminar

As the conclusion of the aerospace technology week, the papers of the finalists of the "The Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics" competition were defended. The event has been held for more than 10 years by MAI in partnership with major industry companies. Since 2014 the contest has been included in the set of events of the Aerospace Science Week and, along with the International Conference "Aviation and Cosmonautics", has already become one of its essential components.

The Clarivate seminar for experienced scientists: "How to understand international magazines and choose the right one?" was also conducted. Clarivate is an organization that manages databases, information systems and collections on intellectual property, helping to find answers to many questions related to publications.

The most important task of the annual Aerospace Science Week is to unite the representatives of the aerospace community and strengthen the cross-links for subsequent effective interaction and rallying in the face of new challenges. Despite the online format of events, due to the restrictions introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, this task was successfully solved. The experience of scientific organizations, universities, industry and high-tech business, summarized at conferences and thematic sessions, made it possible to determine new vectors for joint systematic work on the development of domestic aviation and cosmonautics.

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