The final stage of the MAI International Technical Olympiad "Take-off Trajectory" was held

7 December 2020

On November 28-29, the final stage of the MAI International Technical Olympiad "Take-off Trajectory" was held. More than 800 schoolchildren of 7-11 grades from Russia and CIS-countries took part in it.

More than 6600 application were submitted for the participation, and more than 2500 schoolchildren were qualified and took part in the first stage. The MAI Olympiad is aimed at profound knowledge of fundamental and applicative disciplines popularization among the schoolchildren. The event helps to evoke talents, assists as far as gifted children career guidance is concerned, and provides the foundation of individual educational trajectory forming for the sake of future career in the hi-tech area.

The first stage of the Olympiad for participants of all ages was traditionally held online on October 24-25. The kids competed in mathematics, physics and informatics.

The second and concluding stage was held online for the first time. On the first day, on the 28th of November 9-11 grades competed, and on the second day, on the 29th of November — the pupils of 7-8 grades. They had to solve three complex interdisciplinary tasks both using the classic calculation and via the Phyton or С++ programming. They had 4 hours from the start of the competition. The process was transmitted via Zoom.

For each age group the participation and the victory in the MAI International Technical Olympiad «Take-off Trajectory» have particular advantages. For example, the participant can get additional opportunities as far as MAI enrollment is considered, or enter the MAI Pre-University School without entrance tests or basing on the results of an interview get a free course at the Children’s Technopark "Take-off Trajectory".

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