The MAI team became the winner of the Future Tech case competition

11 November 2020

Students of the Moscow Aviation Institute were proud to represent alma mater at the interuniversity Future Tech case championship on the part of the Moscow Innovation Agency. Two MAI teams managed to enter the top 15 finalists and get into the super final among the best. As a result of the final tests, the MEDOK team from MAI took the seventh place, and the Crooked competitors team won the bronze medal.

The Crooked competitors team members are the freshman of Institute № 8 "Information technology and applied mathematics" Igor Baranov, two freshmen of the Institute № 3 "Сontrol Systems, Informatics and Power industry" Stepan Bokarev and Yegor Presagis, sophomore of the Institute No. 3 Ilya Burenkov and third-year Institute № 8 Orkhan Makhmudov. The MEDOK team brought together first-year students of the Institute No. 8 Vadim Vasyutinsky, Artem Morozov, Diana Kolpakova and Alexander Sikorsky. The MAI IT Center provided support to the participants throughout the championship.

The MAI team became the winner of the Future Tech case championship. The competition was held in the digital business space on Pokrovka. Before that, the teams went through two more stages of the case championship: the qualifying stage that was held in September, and the final stage in October. 60 teams from 32 Russian universities competed for the title of the best in the final.

-When I sent my application to participate in the case championship, I couldn’t even think that I would find myself in the final, — says Orhan Makhmudov — I applied alone, there was no team, it was formed after the cases were issued. I am very happy about my team, all the guys are doing great. We carried out cases in the field of IT technologies, but sometimes the tasks did not correspond with our direction. I would like to express my special gratitude to the guys from the MAI IT Center who helped with organizational issues, and with them the tasks became more clear and simple. Also we were always in touch with the authors of the case studies and were able to clarify different issues.

During the championship teams had to prepare their own solutions to business problems from partner companies. In total, 150 tasks were presented in three areas: humanitarian, natural and technical science. At all stages, participants had the opportunity to interact with company experts and learn from their experience in finding strategic solutions for business projects. In the Superfinal, the Crooked competitors team developed the strategy for bringing the product to the Chinese market based on the case of Veda Technologies, and the guys from MEDOK prepared an algorithm for excluding non -target audience from the advertising mailing list for Inlexis, the resident of the SKOLKOVO innovation center.

— Each task was unique. We are very grateful to the organizers and the IT Center of MAI for helping to develop business thinking, learn the world of cases and become part of this awesome community.

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