MAI students elaborated eco-friendly badges production technique

10 November 2020

MAI students elaborated eco-friendly badges production technique

Students of the MAI Institute № 3 "Сontrol systems, computer science and electric power" have come up with the way to contribute to saving the planet from plastic pollution. Third-year student Anastasia Karpunova and first-year master’s student Vladislav Baranov are developing eco-friendly reusable badges made of "electronic paper". The work is conducted under the supervision of Vladimir Isaev, assistant of the Department 307 "Digital technologies and information systems".

"The idea to create reusable badges came to us when we were discussing the environmental situation in the world in our Department" — says Anastasia Karpunova. —"Badges from various events were hanging on the wall next to us, and we looked at them, and thought that we could make the world a better place to live and benefit the environment at the same time. Despite the fact that one badge seems to be a minor problem, taking into consideration the large-scale production, they do not bring anything good to nature."

MAI residents have already prepared test prototype of their product. Its body is made of the biodegradable plastic (PLA) with a display created via using E-Ink technology, which is used for e-books. The image on the display is formed by microscopic pigment particles, just like on ordinary paper. This type of display allows one to save the image for a long time, and most importantly-change it as necessary.

"This way we get an eco-friendly device that will last a long time and decompose quickly due to the use of PLA." — says Anastasia.

The developers are sure that their product will be of interest to many organizations that hold large events often, such as forums, conferences, etc. The device will help them save money on the constant purchase of badges in the long term, as well as create a positive image of the company, showing its concern for the environmental situation in the world.

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