MAI conference for the UAV experts

22 October 2020

MAI conference for the UAV experts
The Moscow Aviation Institute invites experts in the field of the unmanned systems, as well as graduate students, young scientists, University and research institutes employees to the "Unmanned aerial vehicles" international conference. The event will be held online on November 24 as part of the 19th International conference "Aviation and Cosmonautics".

Unmanned systems in MAI

The possibilities for professional use of drones are expanding every day, and this trend will continue in the future. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are used in meteorology, agronomy and agriculture, fire and rescue operations, the oil and gas industry, archeology, and geological exploration — this list includes dozens of items.

The Moscow Aviation Institute is actively developing research and development of the unmanned systems, creating modern educational programs in this area.

The University operates the "Unmanned aerial vehicles" center, whose experts develop specific industrial solutions that meet the current needs. In addition to research, the center performs the tasks of designing, constructing and assembling devices and technical equipment. Since the center was established in 2018, its experts have prepared many complex solutions that have been highly appreciated by the representatives of various industries. MAI residents developed UAVs for transporting cargo to remote areas, fire extinguishing, detecting gas leaks, and many others.

The UAV center includes the MAI Drone School, where students and schoolchildren learn the basics of the unmanned technologies. Students of the school learn not only to control drones, but also to model and program them. The school has its own promising developments, such as the Autonomous Pathfinder aircraft, designed to search for people missing in the forest, which is able to fly under the crowns of trees and determine who is in the area of visibility of a person.

Online experience exchange

The conference "Unmanned aerial vehicles" will allow the participants to present their achievements in the field of UAV, build effective communication and exchange experience with the representatives of enterprises, scientific and educational institutions in Russia, as well as with their foreign colleagues.

The reports will be presented in Russian and English in three subsections: "Unmanned aircraft systems: design", "Unmanned aircraft systems: certification" and "Unmanned aircraft systems: application". Online performances will be organized through the Zoom platform.

The conference materials will be published in a collection of abstracts in two languages. Participants also have the opportunity to publish their articles in a special issue indexed in the Scopus database.

The deadline for the applications is October 30, 2020. Details and registration are available on the conference website.

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