At the MAI aviation base kids got acquainted with aviation professions

18 September 2020

On September 12-13, at the Alferevo airfield of the Moscow Aviation Institute in the Volokolamsk district of the Moscow region the launch of the "My profession is a pilot" project was held, organized by the educational movement with elements of career guidance "Let’s go with us!"  as part of the "Secrets of the Craft" program. The goal is to popularize aviation and technical professions, develop generalized knowledge about the air transport, expand the knowledge in the field of observation and human capabilities, as well as the history of aviation and cosmonautics, sky and space exploration.

On the territory of the MAI air base about 50 children from ordinary and large families in Moscow and the Moscow region from 5 to 15 years old together with their parents were able to get acquainted with the professions of pilot, dispatcher, parachutist, environmentalist and try themselves in practice as specialists in these areas. The event was supported by the Alferevo airfield of the MAI, the Russian Space Society and the administration of the Volokolamsk city district of the Moscow region.

The participants got acquainted with the territory of the airfield, the types and modifications of the aviation equipment presented at the MAI air base (An-2, Yak-18T, Yak-52, MAI-223 Kitenok, Aviatika-890), flight technology, methods of orientation in the air. After that, an excursion flight was carried out, as well as an introductory briefing on the rules of collecting a parachute and an environmental master class for the creation of the aircraft models from plastic bottles.

The cycle of career guidance events "My profession is a pilot" was launched by the head of the "Let’s go with us!" movement by Yulia Yurtova four years ago at the Pervushino Airfield complex in the Republic of Bashkortostan. In 2020, Yulia decided to start introducing aviation specialties to children in Moscow and the Moscow region.

"In Alferevo they gave us a very warm welcome. It is absolutely clear that the people who work there are really not indifferent to the children and their future. They tried to „infect“ them with the sky to such an extent that in the end they „infected“ not only the children, but also the parents." — says Yulia.

The organizers are sure that if you start introducing different professions in childhood, then by adolescence, the kids will be able to more accurately determine the direction that they really like. Therefore, in the future we plan to organize events with a similar program at the MAI airfield on a regular basis.

The group of participants spent the evening in a warm company with the pilots and the management of the airfield around the campfire singing songs to the guitar, after which the children waited for the night in a tent camp.

Here is the video of the event. Together with the children Yulia also composed a song dedicated to the An-2 at the MAI airfield.

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