Central section of tourism celebrates 10th anniversary of the second Karakoram expedition

8 September 2020

In Summer 2020, we celebrated 10 years since the MAI Sports Club team carried out the expedition to North Karakorum. The MAI residents made the first ever photography of the valley of the Zug-Shaksgam river, its southern tributary and the adjacent peaks with height of 6000 to 7000 meters on a 45-kilometer section - from the Red Wall (6630 m) to its southernmost point on the Zug-Shaksgam river.

After discovering the enchanting mountain region in The Zug-Shaksgam river basin, the expedition was the first who explored the sources of the Singhi glacier, found three new passes in its basin, including the Northern Singhi pass, and found the ways to the Northern slope of the Teram Kangri peak. Our tourists also walked along the tectonic shelf at the foot of the Northern walls of Hidden Peak, Gasherbrum 2 and Broad Peak.

Formally, from the point of view of sports tourism, it was a mountain hike of the 5th category. Of the nine passes passed, there were six first passes. However, the participants of the expedition had to make more than once desperate decisions that were not related to the tactics of overcoming the passes. For example, to enter and pass the canyon of the Zug-Shaksgam river with many clamps and fords, while under other weather conditions, the Mason expedition of 1926 did not even dare to go though it once.

You can read more about how it was in the blog of the Head of the Central section of tourism of MAI - Andrey Lebedev.

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