Scientific and technical creativity: MAI at GEEK PICNIC Online 2.0

12 August 2020

On August 6- 8, the MAI experts of the student design Bureau of the Institute No. 4 "Radioelectronics, communication and information security" took part in GEEK PICNIC Online 2.0 — it was dedicated to modern technologies, science and creativity. This year, the event was held online for the first time.

At the virtual stand, MAI presented quick workshops on the art of soldering and etching and introduced visitors to the design of electronic equipment. Also, with the help of virtual tools and online platforms, MAI students gave an exciting lecture on "Ionosphere of the Earth" and held webinars on programming microcontrollers in Arduino environment and electrical circuits modeling.

The general theme of this year’s festival is the "Multiverse": human presence in other spaces, exploration of parallel realities and immersion in other worlds. The program was traditionally divided into thematic tracks: space, ecology, urbanism, science fiction and fantasy, IT, and biotech.

From MAI the event was attended by the head of SKB-4, senior teacher of chair 410 "Radiolocation, radio navigation and avionics" of the Institute No. 4 Vasily Egorov and teacher SKB-4, engineer research Department 704 Department "Information and control systems for aircraft," Institute No. 7 "Robotic and intelligent systems" Maria Zolotenkov.

"SKB-4 MAI is a place for those who look at technology from different angle. We teach students to work by their hands, assemble products from scratch, and create something brand new. And, in addition, a separate vector of our work is scientific and technical creativity. " - noted Vasily Yegorov.

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