MAI English Conversation Club

11 August 2020

MAI English Conversation Club

On August 4, the MAI English Conversation Club held another online meeting. MAI students together with students from the University of the Western England discussed interesting questions about studying at the University at future.

According to the guys, a modern University should look unusual. For example, there should be offices in the shape of a hemisphere, and 3D printing technologies should be used for their construction. The participants also proposed the option of using solar panels in order to save electricity and support the current concept of sustainable development. And, of course, a modern University should be equipped with various advanced electronic gadgets, and all the participants of the educational process should be able to apply information technology at high level.

The students invite everyone to participate in discussions and to have fun and spend good time, improving their level of English.

Suggest the topics that you would like to discuss with students from different countries!

Meetings are held every two weeks.

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