IT graduates

28 July 2020

It was the graduation of the students who were trained for five MAI IT center programs, which had been launched in 2018 and initialized the development of a new educational trajectory in the field of information technology in MAI. The programs were implemented together with the educational Partners which are the headliners of the IT industry in Russia and worldwide, such as Sberbank,, Avito, Bosch, RTSoft, Kroc, Sibintek, MTS, HeadHunter, New cloud technologies, Microsoft, and others. The unique feature of these programs was that Partners not only accepted MAI students for the internships, but also actively participated in the educational process: the best experts acted as mentors and creators of programs, they offered topics for graduation papers, and they were the reviewers.

The fact that 100% of the graduates are now employees of the IT industry — and some of them work in Partners’ companies — is the undeniable evidence of the MAI IT-program success. And according to survey conducted among the former students, by the end of training, half of them either made a career leap, or received salary increase.

MAI IT-programs:

• "Software development process management" — Institute No. 12" Aerospace science-intensive technologies and production " Department of testing and operation Technology (Tiie);

• "Design of high-load Internet services" — Institute No. 3 "Control Systems, Informatics and power engineering" Department 316 ;

• "Digital production management" — Institute no. 3 Department 307;

• "Machine learning and big data management" — Institute No. 8 "Information technologies and applied mathematics" Department 810B;

• "Cybersecurity of communications" — Institute No. 4 "Radioelectronics, Infocommunications and information security" Department 412.

At the beginning of the evening the Vice-rector for academic affairs Dmitry Kozorez, Director of Institute No. 3 Yuri Sledkov, Director of Institute No. 8 Sergey Krylov, Director of Institute No. 12 Pavel Iosifov and head of the IT center of MAI Maria Borisovna Bulakina made a welcome speech. Then the guests, including the finalists of the Leaders of Russia-2020 competition, as well as Partners’ representatives, congratulated the newly-made Masters. The heads of the MAI IT master’s educational programs — Fedor V. Vasiliev, Peter A. Ukhov, Pavel Petrovich Keino also congratulated the graduates. Dmitry Kozorez presented the diplomas.

After that, a real battle broke out in the hall: the newly-made graduates fought in a business game «Team score» under the mentorship of the leaders of Russia. Participants were asked to choose the topic of the final qualifying work and consider it as an investment project, as well as solve cases showing the following competencies: "Technical literacy", "Creativity", "Leadership", "Communication" and "Cooperation".

At the end of the event, the graduates of the IT Master’s program spoke with words of gratitude to their Alma mater, as well as their teachers and mentors, and after that, according to the old student tradition, the academic caps of graduates were thrown into the sky.

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