MAI trend: economics and management

4 August 2020

MAI trend: economics and management

For the third year, MAI has been operating the Management School — an educational personnel training program in the context of business, science and education integration. Specialists of leading technological enterprises — managers and engineers, as well as MAI students and employees work together to develop real projects.

Program of the Management School is dedicated to the transformation of management systems in Russian aerospace and shipbuilding industries, new materials production and other high-tech industries in order to switch to a business model for product life cycle and effective solutions of enterprises’ priority problems. In 2019-2020, the main topic of the School was the development of management technologies in digital reality and digitalization of enterprise management systems.

MAI Management School has become the basis for new educational programs and research projects promotion on behalf of enterprises, along with MAI human resource development. More than ten competency centres, laboratories and schools of MAI has trained their personnel reserve at the Management School.

In 2018, the High-Tech Products Service Centre developing managerial and engineering solutions for maintenance cost management of aviation products, and other types of complex technical products, was created in MAI. The Centre not only explores new approaches to cost optimisation, but also carries out an audit of the current activities of enterprises. The ultimate goal is to increase the product and manufacturer competitiveness in the market.

MAI School No.5 "Engineering Economics and Humanities" implements the industry specialists training in the field of management, economics and finances. High professional level of graduates provides them competitive advantages in the labour market and allows successfully build their career in the government agencies and municipalities, banking, planned-economy, financial, investment, and marketing organization units.

Future horizons in management:
  • Stage-Gate
  • Agile
  • Essential Unifies Process
  • Dynamic system development method
  • Extreme programming
  • Feature driven development
  • Getting Real
  • Scrum
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