MAI Awarded Diplomas with Honours to International Students

10 July 2020

On July 9, MAI held a solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas with honors to international students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree English medium programs.

A diploma with honours or red diploma (named by a cover colour of a degree document) awarded to graduates of Russian universities who at the time of graduation had at least 75% of the highest, “excellent” marks in the diploma supplement, and the remaining marks were “good”. At the same time, the final work must be defended perfectly. Every year more and more MAI students are becoming holders of diplomas with honours. So last year, 54 international students received them, this year - 57. The total number of international graduates of the class-2020 is 200. This year, 25 students of Moscow Aviation Institute, trained in English, received diplomas with honours. The graduation took place at the exposition hall of Almaz orbital space station, which was opened in March on the eve of MAI 90th anniversary.

The ceremony was opened by the speech of Rector Mikhail Pogosyan, who congratulated the graduates on the successful completion of the university and wished them good luck on their career paths. The Head of MAI International Department and Deans of the MAI Schools also said warm words to the graduates.

A special speech was made by Egor Nazarov, the Head of the Composite Materials and Structures laboratory of the MAI Research Department 101. He told about his career path and highlighted the opportunities that alma mater could give for its graduates.

Zoe Mbikayi, a graduate of the School №1 "Aircraft Engineering" from Zimbabwe, said a touching inspiring speech to his class and university staff: “When I look at you, I see vivacity, passion, purpose, creativity. I see a heartbeat of new civic communities, with big dreams. MAI gave us knowledge, it taught us to think outside the box. And for that, we are grateful. I say to you never stop dreaming. Never stop believing. Never give up. Never stop trying. Never stop learning and most importantly, do not screw it up”. After the ceremony of diplomas awarding, the happy graduates went to the photo shoot at the university Main Square.

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