MAI Held a Propulsion Engineering Webinar for Prospective Students

16 June 2020

MAI Held a Propulsion Engineering Webinar for Prospective Students
On June 16, MAI held a Propulsion Engineering webinar dedicated to university Bachelor's and Master's degree English-medium programs in the above-mentioned area. 

The prospective students were told all about the MAI international programs dedicated to the aircraft engines by the main representatives of the School №2 "Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Plants": Deputy Dean of the School Nikolay Korolev, Vice-Rector for Science, Head of the Department 203 "Construction and Design of Engines" Prof.Yury Ravikovich, and Assistant Professor of the Department 204 "Aircraft and Spacecraft Heat Engineering" Ivan Platonov.  

Curriculum of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs has become one of the most discussed issues. It is important to note that there is one fixed curriculum for all Bachelor's degree students, but for Master's you must choose one of three suggested departments at first, then get fixed curriculum which is different for each department. 

At the end of the meeting the representatives of MAI International Department told how to enter MAI Propulsion engineering program and what opportunities the study here gives to its students. The agenda of the webinar also related to the future of the largest branch in the aviation industry. All questions which prospective students asked during the live stream were answered. 

Next in line are two more webinars dedicated to MAI Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering (June 23) and Spacecraft Engineering (June 30) programs. Full information and registration for MAI webinars you can find here

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