Diploma Theses Proposal Defense Started at MAI

29 May 2020

Diploma Theses Proposal Defense Started at MAI
In June, students completing undergraduate or graduate studies will have to defend their theses and become happy holders of MAI diplomas. In order to practice them, a diploma thesis proposal defense is held at MAI in advance.

This year, all diploma theses proposal defenses are held online on the LMS MAI platform, so will the defense of theses itself. Each student speaks for 15 minutes, then the teachers ask questions, express their opinion on work and advise to fix some shortcomings. 

For now, two groups passed a proposal defense: students of Aircraft Engineering School and joint program between MAI and Beihang University. It is worth noting that some students are not in Russia now, and will defend their works from the home countries. For example, one of the students is now in China.

At each theses proposal defense, there are members of the State Examination Board who evaluate student training level. Such preparatory activities will be held for all future graduates before the formal start of the diploma thesis defense. 
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