The Final Stage of Selection for MAI-SJTU Program is Held Online

27 May 2020

The Final Stage of Selection for MAI-SJTU Program is Held Online
In May, Moscow Aviation Institute began the final stage of selecting students for a double diploma program - a joint Master's degree program between MAI and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Traditionally, students were selected in the form of face-to-face interviews, but this year it was held online.

The final stage of selection began with a series of interviews. The interviews are conducted by Chief Designer of the joint Russian-Chinese project for creation CR929 wide-body long-range aircraft, graduate of the MAI Department 101 "Certification of Aviation Equipment", Maxim Litvinov. Meetings are held online on the Microsoft Teams platform.

On May 15, the first online meeting of the expert with candidates took place, as a result of which six people were selected for the master's program in the area “Aircraft Design from Polymer Composite Materials”.

On May 20, Seven people was selected for the  “Aircraft Engineering” area. This week, interviews in "Product Life Cycle Management in the Design of Modern Aircraft" are being held.

In June, interviews with students will continue and they will be selected for the remaining places in all areas (group of up to 10 people). According to the plans, training at the MAI-SJTU double-degree program will begin in September 2020. For the first academic year, the students will fly to Shanghai. 
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