The First Meeting of English Speaking Online Club

13 May 2020

The First Meeting of English Speaking Online Club

On May 7, the first meeting of English Speaking online club was held. 

The idea of its creation is determined by the rapid development of MAI. And for a world-class university, one of the indispensable points is a creative-speaking environment in English, where active and talented students discuss their ideas and projects. 

That is why MAI International Students’ Educational Center together with School № 1 “Aircraft Engineering” decided to organize such a club, where students will be able to exchange their thoughts, find new friends, and create scientific, creative teams for further joint development.

The first meeting was held online in zoom. It was attended by international students and MAI staff. Although the meeting has an introductory nature, the participants discussed the future of aviation, promising developments in the aircraft industry, and began to think through a joint challenge to raise the cohesion of the new club.

After the meeting, the organizers and participants will meet every week, and jointly discuss current topics in English in a cozy atmosphere. And any of those who wish can join these meetings simply by writing to the club’s instagram in the direct message. 

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