More than 400 Young IT Specialists Took Part in the MAI Aviahackathon

May 12, 2020
From May 8 to May 10, the biggest online hackathon in the Russian aviation industry was held. It was hosted by the IT center of Moscow Aviation Institute. Partners of the event were more than 20 companies of the aviation, IT and other industries.More than 400 participants applied for the hackathon, including 12 international ones. 33 teams and 140 participants successfully reached the semi-finals: schoolchildren, students, and employees of IT companies. And in the final eight of the most talented teams competed for the winner’s cup! Students of Moscow Aviation Institute, Higher School of Economics, ITMO, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, MIREA, MIPT, RUDN University, and a number of other universities took part in the Aviahackathon. For 48 hours, the hackathon participants were looking for an original idea to create services, applications, modules and platform solutions for the benefit of the aviation industry. Six cases were presented for development from Sheremetyevo International Airport, S7 Technics, Sheremetyevo Handling, MTS, Wildberries, MAI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's Center.As part of the online communication platforms organized for participants, substantive, technical and business consultations were held from competition experts. Each hackathon participant was able to ask questions to experts and a jury, including representatives of companies: SAP, Software Product, Winno Moscow, PwC, RAMACS system integrator, Phygitalism, Yandex. Cloud, Unmanned Aviation Center, as well as the Federal Air Transport Agency and other companies.Experts evaluated the technological effectiveness of the solution, the relevance and practical application of the created technical solution, the novelty of the idea, creativity, ease of use of the service.Following the results of the hackathon, the winners became:
  • first place - ThreeSmart team (National Polytechnic University of Armenia) with a case from Sheremetyevo Airport.
  • second place - Team 101, MAI Department 101 with a case from MTS.
  • third place - Lambda team with a case from the UAV Center.
It should be noted that the first place was taken by the team of international students. "We decided to take part in the Aviahackathon because we wanted to try our hand in this area, our goals were also to participate with dignity and gain experience for our further development", said captain of the ThreeSmart team Zaven Khanamiryan. "In addition, I wanted to take part in the online format. We called our team ThreeSmart, because in the beginning it was founded by three participants and we were all the best students of Armenia in the field of IT. Of course we thought about victory, but did not believe until we heard our names. Now there are no words simply. We were able to adequately represent our country in such a big event."The winners for each of the six cases were also named. The best in these nominations were determined by the directors of the cases themselves.
  • MTS, which proposed developing a platform for flexible adaptation of a new employee on a remote site, rated the work of the MAI Team 101 the highest.
  • S7 Technics, with its case for optimal loading of hangars, gave leadership to the zozozo team (MIPT).
  • Wildberries company considered that the case they proposed to create a pick-up point offline was best implemented by the BBP team (Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and MAI).
  • Sheremetyevo International Airport gave leadership in the case of personnel monitoring to the ThreeSmart team.
  • The MAI UAV Center named the Lambda team the winner of its case.
The 14-year-old student of the Moscow Lyceum No. 1535, Vladislav Einstein, became the best hackathon team leader. A special prize from Microsoft was received by the Digital ICE team and their case from Wildberries.The prizes for the winners included promotional codes for 100,000 rubles from Yandex.Clouds, a set of gifts from Wildberries, MTS, S7 Technics, the MAI UAV Center, books from Alpina Publisher, and MAI branded souvenirs.The online format of the hackathon did not become an obstacle for the event, already traditional for MAI, to be held at the highest level. All participants and experts of the event noted the fact that, despite the remote work, the organizers of the hackathon managed to maintain the spirit of creativity, team atmosphere and networking that distinguishes the MAI Aviahackathon.The event concluded with the traditional launch of paper airplanes!
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