MAI Takes All Necessary Measures to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

24 March 2020

MAI Takes All Necessary Measures to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus
In all hostels of Moscow Aviation Institute, the necessary measures are taken to prevent coronavirus, including regular measurements of body temperature with non-contact thermometers, and disinfection of the premises throughout the day. All dormitories have automatic dispenser with disinfectants, information stands for the prevention of coronavirus.

All rooms are regularly ventilated and, if possible, additionally treated with bactericidal lamps. Any mass events on the territory of the university and hostels are excluded. In order to prevent the spread of cases of diseases caused by the new coronavirus, movement between MAI dormitories is limited, and visitors are not allowed into the students' territory.

Measures have been taken to check the health status of all returning students after a long absence. In the absence of symptoms of coronavirus disease among this category of residents, self-isolation is prescribed under the supervision of doctors in specially equipped rooms functioning in isolation mode. Doctors evaluate their health status and measure the temperature. If the temperature rises, the local therapist or ambulance is called.

Despite the restrictions introduced due to the epidemiological situation, the educational process is implemented in a full remote format. The remote format allows you to continue educational activities and maintain the connection of teaching staff with students.
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