On the Eve of the 90th Anniversary, the Opening of the Almaz Station Exposition Took Place at MAI

On March 16, the opening of the Almaz orbital station exposition took place at the MAI School No. 6 "Aerospace", as well as a new student coworking center was opened at the university. 

Rector of Moscow Aviation Institute Mikhail Pogosyan, Director of the Aerospace School Olga Tushavina and Head of the MAI Department 601 "Space Systems and Rocket Science", academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Alifanov took part in the opening of the Almaz station exposition.

The orbital station is a space observation and reconnaissance point with a length of 11.6 meters and a mass of 18.9 tons. It is designed for a crew of two to three people, operating time in orbit - up to 410 days.

The lectures on spacecraft engineering, as well as interactive workshops for students will be held in a new location near Almaz station. 

Professor Oleg Alifanov noted that this is the best gift MAI could make for its 90th anniversary - a full-fledged training and practical laboratory where students can study the anatomy of space orbital stations of previous generations. A full-sized model will help students see with their own eyes what the technique was in the 1970s, as well as to trace its evolution to modern times. In addition, all the equipment of the station is operational. On it, the crews, who were supposed to go to the existing Almaz orbital station, worked out actions simulating the various stages of the flight, as well as actions in case of emergency situations.

The student facilities of Moscow Aviation Institute on that day were widen with a new, already fourth, MAI coworking, which opened on the territory of the hostel at ul. Dubosekovskaya d.13. The event was attended by Vice-Rector for Youth Policy Sergey Kulikov. At the end of the event, he presented diplomas and gifts to students who actively proved themselves in the public life of student hostels.

Also today, the photo exhibition “Time Stream: MAI 9.0” began its work at the MAI Cultural Center. In the “was-became” concept, the exposition presented more than 150 photographs telling about the life of Moscow Aviation Institute in the following thematic areas: aviation, space, technology, student life, culture, sports, infrastructure, schoolchildren, homeland defense, celebrities at Moscow Aviation Institute. On that date, the exposition included photographs from the archives of Anatoly Zhdanov, Director of the MAI Museum and Exhibition Complex. We invite everyone to visit the exhibition!
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