MAI Student Creates a New Station for Obtaining Satellite Images

10 March 2020

Student of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) Vasily Nazin in a group of Moscow students and schoolchildren participates in the development of the Astra ground station for receiving and processing data from Earth remote sensing satellites. The station will receive images of our planet from space. Currently, developers are creating a development model, the design goes through a difficult stage of the prototype.

The project began in 2018 on the basis of the Sirius educational center in Sochi, when the Lorett company proposed to simplify the system of receiving data from satellites. The Astra station is based on the principle of signal focusing. This principle has already been applied in the Lentikularis complex, which receives and processes data from weather satellites and was developed at Loretta. But the Astra station differs by a kinematic scheme. Young developers have created complex electronics, minimizing space of the design. 

Work on the creation of the "Astra" station is conducted by the 1st year student of Moscow Aviation Institute Vasily Nazin (he is developing the electronic part of the receiving station), as well as the students from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, and schoolchildren. It is assumed that the new development will be used for educational purposes at the Youth Innovation Creativity Centers and other educational organizations.

"We are now at the stage of equipment check,” says Vasily Nazin. “We have all the circuitry ready, it only remains to connect and verify it.”

The young researchers plan to conduct the first tests in late March. They also plan to patent their innovative project.

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