MAI Improves the Friction Welding Method

14 February 2020

MAI Improves the Friction Welding Method
Denis Kuritsyn, Associate Professor of the MAI Department "Production Technology and Operation of Aircraft Engines", is improving friction welding with stirring, which in the future will abandon the use of rivets in the aircraft industry.

Using computer modelling of the material's frictional flow in the processing area, Denis Nikolaevich designed the working part of a promising tool of friction welding with stirring for the production of aerospace structures. According to Kuritsyn, he managed to increase the efficiency and reliability of welding, as well as improve the operational characteristics of aerospace structures, including reducing their weight.

The author of the research used methods of creating adaptive parameter-oriented models (a digital twin) of the welding tool, which takes into account the results of modeling the material's frictional flow in the welding zone without conducting full-scale tests.

In addition, with the help of the digital twin, it was possible to create a methodology that will allow to quickly design and construct a sophisticated welding tool with effective mixing ability and optimal geometry. He will be able to combine materials with various physical and mechanical properties.

The scientist also optimized the shape of the tool for various materials, thicknesses and spatial configuration of the weld, taking into account design engineering imitations.

The receiving technology will not only reduce the cost of production, but also cover the domestic demand for appropriate high-tech tools and equipment.

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