Vietnamese Community of MAI Celebrated the Tet Festival

29 January 2020

On January 24, Vietnamese students of MAI celebrated Tet at the university Student Cultural Center. Tet is a Vietnamese Lunar New Year, the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. The word means the "Feast of the First Morning of the First Day". 

MAI Vietnamese student community traditionally celebrates Tet at the university, and this year was not an exception. The celebration began with congratulatory speech by Elena Baranova, Head of MAI International Students’ Educational Center, after which students showed a video about their preparation to the Tet celebration: how they cooked traditional food, rehearsed a concert program. 

The creative program was truly vibrant: national and modern dances, songs about love and spring, poems. Also, during the event, the best students of the last academic were awarded.  

The atmosphere of joy and happiness reigned everywhere: the participants of the event congratulated each other, played games and presented memorable gifts, children gave guests traditional lucky money. The celebration ended with a disco and fireworks in honor of the Lunar New Year.   


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