MAI Students Celebrated Chinese New Year

27 January 2020

On January 24, MAI students from People’s Republic of China celebrated Chinese New Year. 

This year, Chinese New Year came on January 25, and on January 24, at 8 p.m. Moscow time. On this occasion, a festive evening at the MAI banquet hall was organized for students from China who did not go home on vacation.

Representatives of the university administration, institutes and International Department came to congratulate students. MAI Rector Mikhail Pogosyan who was not by choice but necessity absent, conveyed greetings through a video appeal.

“One of our goals is to train talents who will become future industrial leaders. You will be these leaders and I want you not to fear difficult tasks, but be willing to work hard on reaching your goals. I would like to wish you prosperity in the New Year of the Rat and all your plans to be successful! Happy New Year!” said Mikhail Pogosyan. 

Director of MAI School № 6 “Aerospace” Olga Tushavina learned a few words in Chinese and congratulated students in their native language, what made them very happy. Senior students, for their part, congratulated MAI management and professors on the New Year 2020 and expressed their gratitude to them in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese. 

After the official part, a banquet, creative performances and contests are followed.

People’s Republic of China is the leader country in the number of students enrolled in the university. Today, more than 200 Chinese students study at Moscow Aviation Institute. 

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