A Lecture Hall Named after Valentin Glushko was Inaugurated at MAI

11 December 2019

On December 10, a lecture hall №301 named after academician Valentin Petrovich Glushko, one of the founders of Russian propulsion engineering and the founder of NPO Energomash (branch of Roscosmos State Corporation), was inaugurated at the MAI School No. 2 “Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Installations”. 

The opening ceremony was attended by MAI Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Alexandr Shemiakov, Director of the School No. 2 Veronika Monakhova, Head of the Department 202 “Rocket Engines” and Chief Designer of NPO Energomash named after academician V.P. Glushko Petr Levochkin, students and university staff.

Veronika Monakhova expressed great appreciation to NPO Energomash, by which the lecture hall received its unique appearance. Now not only MAI students of rocket propulsion engineering, but also all other students can get to know better outstanding personalities, who have made a huge contribution to the development of this field.

Before the opening of the lecture hall, much work had been done: together with the specialists of NPO Energomash, historical photographs were chosen, which have decorated the walls of the room. The image of the reusable Energia-Buran space transport system, which used the legendary RD-170 engines, designed under the leadership of Glushko, is located opposite the picture of distant stars and new Universes, to which he so sought to pave the way for humanity. 

The scientist’s quote about his profession became another element of the hall’s design for student inspiration: “I had to choose, and I chose what rocketry begins with, what lies at the heart of it, determines its capabilities and face - rocket propulsion engineering."

Petr Levochkin wished current students to be inspired by the fate and accomplishments of Valentin Glushko and strive to become the best in their profession - highly qualified propulsion engineers.

“Opening the lecture hall named after Valentin Petrovich Glushko today, we pay tribute to the great Russian scientist and his scientific school, which is based on deep fundamental knowledge and theoretical study of all those solutions that still allow Russia to remain a leader in the field of liquid rocket engine building. It is very important that those students, who study here today and who will replace them, have the opportunity to touch the best that exists in our country and in the world,” said Chief Designer of NPO Energomash.

The opening of the personalized lecture hall was one of a series of events dedicated to the current anniversary year of NPO Energomash (the company celebrates its 90th anniversary) and the 90th anniversary of MAI, which will be celebrated in March 2020.

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