How to Pursue Science in MAI: Meeting on Student Research Work

28 November 2019

On November 27, the meeting on student research work for international students was held by the leaders of MAI NIRS Department.

Student Research Work (NIRS) is a set of measures aimed at the mastering the methods, techniques and skills of analysis and research by students in the learning process according to the curriculum. Student Research Work is an integral part of the educational process, and its development is a functional, official duty of MAI.

Ekaterina Chernikova, Deputy Chief of NIRS Department: “MAI international students often come to us and ask, how to write a scientific work, how to take part in a conference, etc. We realized that there was a request for organized work in the scientific field among this group of students. Therefore, we decided to hold a meeting, where we could talk about student opportunities in science and planned scientific activities. We have also created a platform for communication, event announcement and discussion on the Internet especially for MAI international students”.

At the meeting, 3 speakers hold the reports. Alexander Sharmanov, representative of IT Center of MAI, told about the master’s degree program of the IT Center and announced upcoming events in 2020, for example, Hackathons, where students could try themselves in different areas of software development to solve cases in a definite time. 

Vamsi Krishna, a second-year student of MAI master’s degree program in Propulsion Engineering, told about his research “Low Emission Combustor Designs”, how the scientific work on the chosen research problem can look like and develop. He invited everyone, who were interested, to participate in his research project.

Anastasia Kovaleva, staff member of MAI International Department, told students in detail about academic mobility program. By becoming a participant of this program, a student can study for a semester abroad at one of MAI partner universities. The program is available for senior students (from the third year of study). 

“I was always interested in a participation in a scientific project, dedicated to the spacecraft engine building, but I did not know where to start. There were some meetings before, but here all the opportunities for students were clearly outlined, and one of the projects was presented. I am very glad that we are actively involved in the MAI scientific life”, said Georgi Jagthap from India, a fourth-year student of MAI Spacecraft Engineering program. 

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