Postgraduate Students from Zhejiang University Visited the Aerospace Science Week

On November 20, 2019, a delegation of 13 postgraduate students from Zhejiang University (People's Republic of China) visited Moscow Aviation Institute in the framework of VI International Week of Aerospace Technologies “Aerospace Science Week” (ASW).

One of the students, Lifang Zeng, presented her report “Multi-Objective Optimization Approach Covering Two Flight Conditions for S-Duct Inlets Design” at the International Session of the “Aviation and Cosmonautics” conference (AviaSpace-2019). The other postgraduate students got acquainted with reports on aerospace issues at the MAI conference.

Another purpose of the visit was to meet with MAI postgraduate students to discuss subjects of dissertations and to analyse the differences between Russian and Chinese systems of obtaining a PhD candidate degree. At the round-table meeting, each student presented his/her topic of the candidate work on aviation engineering, mechanics, electrophysics and new generation materials.

Chinese students also had a special tour to the MAI laboratories. They visited a training laboratory of the Department 101 "Design and Сertification of Aviation Equipment" with with aircraft samples, wind tunnel and a 3D modeling laboratory. 

At the end of visit, postgraduate students of Zhejiang University commended the organization of the ASW,  thanked their colleagues from Moscow Aviation Institute for their invitation and expressed great interest in participating in the program of the International Aerospace Summer School of MAI in 2020. They had also invited MAI postgraduate students to Zhejiang University in the near future .

Zhejiang University has been a MAI partner since 2018: two universities have an undergraduate double degree program in Aircraft Engineering and three graduate double degree programs in Aircraft, Propulsion and Spacecraft Engineering.

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