Results of the Contest "Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics"

21 November 2019

On November 19, as part of the first day of the VI International Week of Aerospace Technologies “Aerospace Science Week” (ASW) - the main aerospace event of the year - the winners of the scientific and technological competition "Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics" were awarded. The competition was held by Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) with the support of PJSC “ODK-Ufa Engine-Building Production Association”.

Participants, who qualified for the final, defended their projects in front of the expert commission. This year, 28 regions of Russia were represented in the competition. Applications for participation in the competition were submitted by representatives of 96 organizations, including 27 universities. The prize fund amounted to 1,900,000 rubles. 

Two MAI international students became the finalists of the contest: Zoe Mbikayi with the report “Integration of the Inverse Dynamics with a Reference Model Technique, and Its Application for the Improvement of the Helicopter Flying Qualities” and Kaiss Ied with the report ““Development of a Warning System Methodology Associated with the Probability of Hazardous Conditions”.

"This contest is very important not only for me, but for every aircraft manufacturer, and I could not help but take part in it. I wanted to try my hand at solving modern aviation problems and to show how a foreigner imagines a solution to these problems in Russia. In my opinion, many interesting works were presented at the contest. It is also important that the jury included experts from well-known aviation companies," - said Kaiss Ied, a postgraduate student of MAI School “Aircraft Engineering” from Syria.

The final stage of the competition was held in the format of poster presentations in nine main competitive areas:

  • Aviation systems.

  • Aircraft, rocket engines and power plants.

  • Control systems, computer science and power engineering.

  • Information and telecommunication technologies of aviation, rocket and space systems.

  • Rocket and space systems.

  • Robotics and intelligent systems.

  • Mathematical methods in aerospace science and technology.

  • New materials and production technologies in the field of aviation, rocket and space technology.

  • Economics and management of aerospace enterprises.

Among the best works included 10 projects, the authors of which are young scientists of Moscow Aviation Institute. Of these, the following MAI developments were especially noted by the expert jury:

  • “A mobile wheeled robot for monitoring aerodrome infrastructure facilities” (authors Timofei Khorev, Konstantin Lelkov, Vladimir Petrukhin),

  • “Development of a calibration stand and creation of a positioning system to ensure the accuracy of movements” (author Alexander Versin),

  • “Modeling of contact heat transfer processes in the nodes of modern power plants” (authors Polina Talalaeva, Alexey Ezhov, Natalya Artemchuk),

  • “Development of synthetic vision systems for promising aircraft” (authors Gleb Boyarsky, Natalya Semavina, Ivan Khaustov).

The award ceremony was attended by the Chief Specialist of United Engine Corporation (UEC), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Irina Aslanyan and a graduate of Moscow Aviation Institute, Russian cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kornienko.

“I note the high applied value of the development of MAI engineers precisely for the UEC enterprises. Most of the competition works are close or already have practical implementation at the UEC enterprises. They present both commercial attractiveness for the industry and scientific novelty. It is pleasant to see the genuine interest of young people in the competition, and we are glad to have the opportunity to mark particularly outstanding works. Competition is undoubtedly important for the development of the industry. It helps youth find work and realize their creative potential in a market economy. And the enterprises, in turn, are interested in having the most talented specialists who are interested in science and technology, and are ready to make every effort for a technological breakthrough,” said Irina Aslanyan.

Thanks to the competition, young scientists were able to not only present their ideas, developments and solutions, but also discuss current topics with leading experts - representatives of industry and the scientific community - demonstrate leadership qualities and talents, and gain useful competitive experience.

“The purpose of the competition is to select the best and provide Russia with a technological advantage on the world stage. Such competitions are the most important element of training, which allows not only to select technically competent personnel, but also to teach young people how to think, create their own projects, and hone presentation skills. It is the winners of the scientific and technical competition "Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics" who will raise our industry, they are the future engineering elite of Russia," said Mikhail Kornienko.

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