Chinese Engineers Took Advanced Training Courses at MAI

6 November 2019

From October 21 to November 2, twenty-five engineers from People’s Republic of China attended the seminar on the topic "Design of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines" at Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University).

The main goal of Chinese engineers was to obtain knowledge from the leading specialists of Moscow Aviation Institute on modern methods of designing aircraft engines. This task is relevant, since a joint project is currently underway to create a new PD-35 engine with a thrust of 35 tons, intended for the project of a joint long-range wide-body CR929 aircraft.

The seminar was organized by the Vice-rector for scientific affairs of Moscow Aviation Institute, professor Yury Ravikovich, the scientific curator of the seminar was Valeriy Nesterenko, candidate of technical sciences, senior researcher, associate professor of Department 203 "Engine Design", Institute №2 ““Aircraft, Rocket Engines and Power Plants” MAI. Among the teachers of the seminar were also other leading engineers and researchers of the institute No. 2.

Classes were held from Monday to Saturday during two weeks and the following disciplines were read: "General information on design and construction of aircraft engines in Russia", "Classification, basic principles of operation and parameters of aircraft engines”, “The basic principles of the theory and calculation of aviation gas turbine engines“, “Engine life cycle, theoretical strength and failure mechanism”, "Gus turbine engines fuel systems", etc.

“I had the most favorable impression of the mutual usefulness of this seminar. This group was eager to learn, asked a lot of questions.It is obvious that our knowledge is really demanded and contribute to the strengthening of good relations between our countries,” said Prof. Valeriy Nesterenko.

During the stay at MAI, specialists from China also visited Museum of Institute No. 2, which presents various samples of aerospace engines. At the end of the course, each participant received a certificate of participation in the seminar "Design of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines".

Over the years, Moscow Aviation Institute has been successfully implementing educational programs for advanced training, whose participants are specialists from leading international aerospace corporations, such as the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

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