MAI Celebrated Halloween 2019!

5 November 2019

On November 1, MAI international students celebrated the scariest Halloween in 90 years of MAI existence. MAI Halloween Party-2019 was timebound to events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), which will be celebrated on March 20, 2020. 

More than 200 international students took part in the event. Many of them came up with scary costumes and makeup, which also could be done at the party by professional face-painters. 

The main entertainment - disco-party, funny contest - was held on the dance floor of MAI Cultural Center. The party space was decorated with spider web, skulls, pumpkins, bats, crows, bloody traces and a huge spider on the stage. The Halloween Party was hosted by the Joker (Alexander Khvan) and two witches, the DJ was one of the students (Chigunduru Goodhope Tafataona).

There was no limit to the students’ imagination: we saw real zombies, dead celebrities, vampires, Samara Morgan, Deadpool, Jack Skellington, Saw, Pikachu, etc.

The main prizes - skeleton figurines - received the following MAI students:

  • Pamod Wickramanayaka from Sri Lanka (Person from Chernobyl costume) - for the scariest costume,
  • Carlos Olascoaga from Mexico (Dead Rock Star costume) - for the best makeup,
  • Rebab Jeraoui from Morocco (Witch costume) - for the most believable costume. 

“I feel awesome about winning a prize,” said Pamod Wickramanayaka, a second-year student of MAI Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering program. “It is a small thing but it is quite an achievement for me. I feel awesome about the Halloween Party, I really enjoyed it: I danced a lot, the music was amazing and the games in between were also cool. I would like to have more parties as this one."

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