MAI and LAR Technologies Robotized Production of Composites

21 October 2019

MAI and LAR Technologies Robotized Production of Composites
In autumn 2019, the staff of Moscow Aviation Institute together with the industrial partner LAR-Technology (St. Petersburg) developed and manufactured an experimental robotic production line for sheet and shaped products from composite materials with new thermoplastic polymer matrices. The new technology allows to automate the manufacture of sheet, shaped products, as well as three-layer panels.

The development is based on the intellectual activity of Moscow Aviation Institute, the authorship of which is enshrined in RF patents: RU 2015 130 295 A “Installation for the Manufacture of Thermoplastic Fabric-Reinforced Laminate”, RU 2 641 125 C1 “Fabric-Reinforced Laminate for Multifunctional Purposes”. Determination of physical and mechanical properties was carried out on the basis of the resource center of the Institute No. 11 "Materials Science and Materials Technology".

As part of the new solution, the specialists developed the technology of thermoplastic semi-finished products of polymer composite materials, tested the compositions and processing modes, including materials based on natural fibers - flax and hemp, and issued technical specifications for three grades developed for the technology of step-by-step molding of materials.

A pilot plant production of corrosion-resistant cable channels from polymer composite materials with a thermoplastic matrix was organized at the production facilities of an industrial partner. The results of the work were inspected by a commission of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

It should be mentioned that the new solution was formed by Moscow Aviation Institute and LAR-Technologies under the contract on the theme “Development of Technology and Equipment for the Production of Thermoplastic Multifunctional Fabric-Reinforced Laminate by step pressing”, the Union State scientific and technical program “Development of Innovative Technologies and Techniques for the Production of Competitive Composite Materials, Matrices and Reinforcing Elements for 2012-2016” based on the results of R&D.

At the moment, the MAI staff is developing a plan to upgrade the line for the possibility of manufacturing three-layer panels with a cellular aggregate for aviation purposes from modern polymer composite materials based on superstructural polymers - polyetheretherketone, polysulfone and polyphenylene sulfide.
Institute "Materials Science and Materials Technology" (Institute No. 11)

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