At the Interface of Technology: MAI Digital UAV Forum Was Launched in Yerevan

The Digital UAV Forum of Moscow Aviation Institute will allow young scientists from Russia and Armenia to plunge into the world of IT development, artificial intelligence and drones.

On October 16, an international scientific and practical forum on IT development, artificial intelligence (AI)  and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) started in Yerevan (Armenia). The Digital UAV Forum is organized by the IT Center of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) in conjunction with the National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA), CJSC Lokator and Ayb School.

General partners of Digital UAV Forum: Aurora Forum, MTS of Armenia (VivaCell-MTS) and the “Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies” of the Republic of Armenia.

In total, more than 200 participants from Russia and Armenia work at the Digital UAV Forum venues. The first two days of the forum are held at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia. A scientific and practical conference will be held here on five relevant areas of IT, AI and UAV, as well as a hackathon with cases from leading business customers.

Commenting on the start of the forum, Mr.Alexandr Shemiakov, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development of Moscow Aviation Institute, noted:

“Today at Moscow Aviation Institute, breakthrough research and practical work are being conducted in a number of promising areas, the university has created and developed centers of competence, including unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence. In order to popularize AI and UAV technologies for solving practical problems, Moscow Aviation Institute together with National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Ayb Innovation School and other organizers created the Digital UAV Forum, which is attended by leading young scientists from Russia and Armenia. This event will allow MAI and our partners to accumulate the best international practices on artificial intelligence and UAVs, to create new solutions and approaches at the interface of technologies that can later be in demand in various fields.”

The forum opened with welcome words addressed to the participants by NPUA Vice-Rector Mr.Ruben Aghgashyan and Director of MAI UAV Center Mr.Dmitry Panyukov.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Digital UAV Forum, Mr.Dmitry Panyukov noted:

“It is important that the forum program includes activities for participants at all stages of training: from the school session, student hackathon and scientific-practical conference to the subsequent integration of the prototypes created in the tasks of industrial partners, including in the field of aircraft service. We hope that the joint work of MAI and partners at the Digital UAV Forum will open up opportunities for the successful development of existing technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and UAVs. The sphere of artificial intelligence and drones is of great interest among the Armenian and Russian youth. This event is very important because it allows to develop joint projects of Armenia and Russia.”

Scientific and Practical Conference

On the first day of the conference more than 20 reports were presented on the most pressing issues of UAV creation and application on the topics “Technology Trends, Priority UAV Development Trends” and “Technologies and Application of AI in UAV Management”.

At the conference, the first report of Mr.Dmitry Panyukov was dedicated to the topic “UAV Market: Transition from Startup Economics to Sustainable Development”. Also on October 16, at the conference, Director of the Institute No. 8 “Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics” Sergey Krylov and Associate Professor of the Institute No. 3 "Control Systems, Informatics and Electric Energy Industry" Pavel Keyno made reports from MAI side. In addition, six MAI students presented their reports: Nikita Permyakov, Julia Mochalova, Vadim Kondrattsev (Institute No. 8), Pavel Tyapkin (Institute No. 4), Artemy Mazaev (Institute No. 3) and Oleg Sosnov (Institute No. 6).

DUAV.hack - Hackathon for Tasks in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and UAV

More than a hundred students and experts from Russia and Armenia work at DUAV.hack. The students were divided into 15 teams, including three teams of MAI students. Cases for hackathon participants are presented by the MAI Center UAV, MTS of Armenia (VivaCell-MTS) and CJSC Lokator.

Participants will create prototypes of solutions for rescue operations on water, an information map of public wi-fi networks using a drone, use UAVs to monitor the quality of communications and create technology for optimizing inventory of stock balances. Following the results of the hackathon, which will run for 36 hours, three winners will be determined who will receive prizes, as well as authors of the best solutions will be able to put the prototype into practice.

Konstantin Arkhipov, Project Manager of MTS IT:

“Hackathon is essentially a form of training that helps to work effectively in a team and quickly create a prototype of a working solution. Today, the market requires us to be able to create popular products in the shortest possible time. The advantage for business from participating in the hackathon is that we get people who are ready to work in the paradigm of quick results.”

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