MAI Engineers at the European Conference on Superconducting Materials

17 September 2019

From September 1 to 5, in Glasgow (Scotland) the 14th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity "EUCAS 2019" was held. The conference was attended by employees of MAI Department 310 "Electric, Electromechanical and Biotechnical Systems" Konstantin Kovalev, Vladimir Penkin, Roman Ilyasov, Nikolai Ivanov, Dmitry Dezhin and Sergey Zanegin.

EUCAS is a biennial event, which purpose is to familiarize with the latest scientific developments in the field of research of superconducting materials, discuss new potential applications of superconductivity and transfer of developed technologies to industry.

It is worth noting that the moderator of "Rotating Machines" section was Konstantin Kovalev, Head of MAI Department 310. In the same section, Nikolai Ivanov presented a report on the creation and testing of Russia's first generator with a superconducting winding of the rotor and stator.

The results of the scientific work of Department 310, presented at EUCAS 2019, attracted the attention of colleagues from France, Germany, England, China and other countries. Also at the conference, MAI engineers had a meeting with colleagues from France, during which a path for greater cooperation were laid out .
Department 310 "Electric, Electromechanical and Biotechnical Systems"

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