MAI Became a Member of the Global Project on Artificial Intelligence

13 September 2019

MAI Became a Member of the Global Project on Artificial Intelligence

Moscow Aviation Institute became a member of a new network project to develop skills and promote technologies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The main goal of the project is to provide Russia with world leadership in this area by combining the efforts of leading domestic universities, private and public organizations.

Among the priority tasks facing the university are the creation and widespread use of AI in the educational process, conducting research using AI, training students, teaching staff, researchers and administrative staff of MAI with AI technologies and their application in various industries.

“The University has a large information base and experience in the development of artificial intelligence technologies. In this regard, the MAI IT Center is actively involved in the creation of digital content for relevant educational courses. I am sure that the project will be a new turning point in the entrance of the university, its students and staff into the fourth industrial revolution. And it will also allow the domestic aerospace industry to make a technological breakthrough in the field of using artificial intelligence and strengthen our leading positions in the world arena,” said Maria Bulakina, Head of MAI IT Center.

For training, a database of online courses will be formed, access to which will be accessible through the University platform 20.35. The results of the development of artificial intelligence technologies by students will be counted on the basis of the student’s digital footprint on the platform.

The educational process will be based on real tasks from the project partners. The first courses will appear after September 15, 2019. Further they will be regularly updated and supplemented. The volume of courses is different: from 36 hours to a semester.

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