New Building for MAI Research Center

11 September 2019

New Building for MAI Research Center

The project of educational building for Research Center of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) at the Orshanskaya street has been agreed. The building will have laboratories, classrooms and display halls.

This news was announced by the Moscow Chief Architect Sergey Kuznetsov. The project was agreed by Moscow Architecture Committee. The building has already begun to build, but the previous project was not implemented until the end.

“Construction will be carried out using the built foundations and structures. However, this will be a new, modern project: the facades are lined with panels of three shades. White color will gradually turn dark gray. The use of multi-colored panels and wide windows will give the building rhythm and rigor,” said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The building will befour-storyed. Its total area will be more than 13 thousand square meters. Inside, laboratory facilities, a large conference room with 378 seats, and spaces for rest and eating are equipped. The third and fourth floors will be occupied by a multifunctional open space, which can be used both for exhibitions and for the educational process. The territory of the building will be improved, and open parking for 220 places will also be organized, including for people with limited mobility. The building will be equipped with everything necessary for comfortable access to all rooms.

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