MAI International Students Visited MAKS-2019

29 August 2019

On August 29, 2019, ninety-four international students of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) visited XIV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019. 

For the first time in the history of MAI, an official visit of MAI international students’ group to MAKS was held. This year, on the eve of MAI 90th anniversary, the International Department decided to make a present to the best international students of the university and arranged a day trip to MAKS-2019. 

“We believe that this trip will be a holiday for our students, as they can truly plunge into the world of aviation and cosmonautics: look at real samples of the Russian aviation industry, see flight program, visit MAI stands and other exhibition venues,” - said Elena Baranova, Head of MAI International Students’ Educational Center. - “We hope that they will remember this event for a long time, and it will be an additional incentive for progress in their training.” 

Among the group there were 35 Chinese students of joint educational program between MAI and Chinese universities and 59 students from India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Syria, South Korea and other countries. The main criteria in the selection of students were academic performance, activity and friendliness.

During the stay at MAKS-2019, MAI students were given a tour through main sites of the air salon: they visited MAI stands in Pavilion D2 and C3 FUTURE HUB, where they met with MARC (MAI Automated Robot Consultant) and see the advanced developments of their alma-mater, found out more about dual educational programs at the MAI and Shanghai Jiao Tong stand, saw a lot of samples of Russian and world aircraft, get acquainted with aerospace industry leaders and, of course, enjoy a breathtaking air show. 

“This day is special for me. World leaders in the aviation industry gathered in one place, so I could directly ask them questions about their work. MAI stands are amazing, we saw a copter to prevent emergency situations, a device for autonomous checking the state of the aircraft, as tried ourselves as pilots on a simulator, and of course I was really impressed by the air show, especially helicopters”, - said Mangena Busani Liberty, third-year student of MAI Aircraft engineering program. 

Recall that this year MAI is represented at six sites of XIV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019: in Pavilion D2,  in Pavilion C3 FUTURE HUB, in the Engineering Student Center (Pavilion C1) together with United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), at the static exposition of aircraft with the aircraft MAI-411 aircraft and at the platform of Federation of Aircraft Modeling. 

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