Interdisciplinary Summer School for Students of Beihang University was held in MAI

31 July 2019

On July 30, a solemn closing ceremony of an interdisciplinary summer school for first - and second-year students of Beihang University was held at Moscow Aviation Institute. For nine days, the students were trained in different areas as part of a partnership program organized by three leading universities in Russia: Moscow Aviation Institute, Penza State University (PSU) and Moscow State University (MSU).

It should be noted that Beihang University is one of the strongest technical universities in China (included in the TOP 20 national universities). It has a great influence on the country's aviation and space industry.

All partners of the project conducted educational modules on their thematic areas in the format of excursions, workshops, lectures and seminars. Students received a lot of new information on journalism (trends in modern media, internationalization of journalistic education, transition of media to Digital, analysis of social networks, etc. at MSU), psychology (effective communications, conflict-free communication, learning Russian, etc. at PSU), and also engineering at MAI, where they spent the last two days of their training.

On July 29, a student of MAI Department 101 "Design and Сertification of Aviation Equipment" Denis Sukharev gave a lecture to the students in the format of the master class “Image Building of an Aircraft” in the laboratory of the Department 104 "Technological Design and Quality Management", after which the students listened to a lecture by Professor Nikolai Laznikov "Modern Trends in the Aviation Industry", which was held at the Institute № 5 "Engineering Economics and Humanities".

On July 30, the students spent all day in the Children Technology Cluster "Takeoff Trajectory" of MAI. The day began with an entertaining game of team building and continued with a master class on additive technologies. On the 3D-printer, the students modeled, printed and fitted parts to the hovercraft boat. After lunch, the students went to the Cosmonauts Alley, where Kirill Schukin, the founder of the MAI Drone School, held a master-class for drone control.

“For the first time, many of our students are introduced to Russian culture, life and learning in the immersion format. And this is for them, of course, a very significant experience,” - said Liu Kesheng, executive dean of Shie College, Beihang University. - “Of course, there are similar classes in our university, but the students receive much more from such a program. This applies to intercultural communication, and different teaching styles. They themselves tell me that they have gained new knowledge and looked at some things from another side they did not know.”

The end of the last busy day was the solemn closing ceremony of the summer school with the certificates awarding. Olga Poghosian, Head of MAI International Department, spoke at the event, thanked the students for their active participation in the program and underlined the importance of developing such a format of cooperation between two universities. 


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