The Сlosing Сeremony of the International Aerospace Summer School of MAI

23 July 2019

On July 22, the closing ceremony of the International Aerospace Summer School of Moscow Aviation Institute was held at the Art Moscow Hotel. The participants of MAI summer school became students of technical universities from the People's Republic of China.

During the week, the participants of the summer school studied the design of unmanned aerial vehicles in two directions: additive technologies and drone design.

As part of educational programs, students attended training lectures and seminars, learned how to model and print products on a 3D printer, how to program and control drones. In the free time, participants of the summer school got acquainted with a Russian culture and visited sights of Moscow.

“The students turned out to be very enterprising, eager for knowledge, constantly striving to learn something new. It was very easy and comfortable to work with them, ”- said Veneamin Brykin, engineer of the research department of the institute № 9“ General Engineering Training” and a summer school teacher. As part of the completion of the additive technology program, students were presented with memorable medals printed on a 3D printer.

At the official closing ceremony of the International Aerospace Summer School of MAI was held a festive banquet. The students received certificates on the successful completion of the Advanced Aircraft Technologies course, and 5 teachers who accompanied the participants and represented Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University and Beijing Institute of Technology received memorable gifts, which included a professional apparatus - a kopter with a control panel.

Director of MAI Summer School Alexander Khvan, representatives of educational courses, as well as specialists from the Directorate of Advanced Scientific Programs congratulated the students on graduation from the summer school and wished them professional success.

“The time at the MAI Summer School passed so quickly that I would like it to last longer. I was struck by Moscow:in a week I had already been to  Red Square three times. As part of the educational program, I chose the course of additive technologies, because I think that it will be useful to me in the main specialty - the aircraft design. In my opinion, the future of aviation is in 3D technology, and the knowledge gained at MAI will be useful to me: we were shown modern 3D printers, we wrote codes, modeled products and glued parts made on a 3D printer together. It was very informative and fun,” - said Cui Yunxiang, student of MAI summer school.

The uniqueness of the project of the International Summer School of Moscow Aviation Institute is in the balance of theoretical and practical classes, as well as in the subject of the program, in which take interest not only international students, but also Russian and foreign media. According to the organizers, next year the MAI summer school will be held not only in Moscow, but also in other Russian cities connected with aviation and space. Until next summer!


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