Drone Pilot Training in the Framework of MAI Summer School

On July 19, a demonstration lesson on drone piloting by students of the International Aerospace Summer School of MAI was held in a copter park in the south of Moscow.

More than a hundred students of MAI Summer School were divided into two parts in order to study Advanced Aircraft Technologies with two major cores: additive technologies and drone design.

In the framework of drone design course, after having training lectures and seminars, which were held during the week, students had to show their skills in drones piloting. The field test were took place on the track, specially prepared by experts of the MAI Drone School.

“We made a specialized modular international track with the entire infrastructure for flights where students have to perform special piloting figures,”- said Kirill Schukin, Head of MAI Drone School. - “In accordance with all safety regulations, the students launch and control multi-rotor devices. They are piloting specialized drones with a system of horizon alignment and retaining heights. They have less powerful motors and less sharp propellers.”

All the students successfully passed the practical task, and many of them were able to pilot drone even before classes at the summer school.

“For me the drone design classes of MAI summer school is an interesting discovery,” - said Cao Chang, student of Zhejiang University. - “I have an experience in drone piloting, it is easy for me to control the drones that are offered to us on the program, but no less significant. I am happy that I am here.”

The very next day, the students tried to fly semi-professional racing drones, and also presented their projects on possible modification of drones to improve their characteristics.


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