International Students Completed Their Internship at the MAI Plant

18 July 2019

On July 12, international second-year students of Bachelor’s degree programs of MAI completed their summer manufacturing internship at the Experimental Plant of MAI. The manufacturing internship is an obligatory discipline in the curriculum of students, which allows them to learn their specialty from the practical side. 

During two-week practice students were working on the milling machines of different generations and learned how software controlled machines work. They wrote programs with direct tool motion control and independently made their own project - a metal badge of MAI. 

“The students were very diligent, really interested in what they were doing, respectfully treating the teacher,” - explained Denis Vasikov, teacher of students, specialist of the MAI plant. - “I am really satisfied with their results.”

In addition to the practice at the MAI plant, students had an unique opportunity to visit a DMG MORI concern, a leading manufacturer of turning and milling machines, laser and ultrasonic processing and 3D printing machines.

As an exam in practice, students wrote a report where they answered certain questions, and received a well-deserved credit.

“The practice was really interesting. We used new advanced milling machines, it was very informative. Learning how to use the machine is really important in the field of aircraft engineering. We must have a machine use background because every design that you make, you should be able to visualize,” - said Mashilangwako Jim, a second-year student of Aircraft Engineering program. 

Different parts for the aircraft industry are being manufactured at the Experimental Plant of MAI, which ordered both internal and external customers. In the fall, third-year international students will undergo the practice at the MAI plant.


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