MAI Presented a 3D Dress at the Geek Picnic

17 July 2019

The 3D printing school of Moscow Aviation Institute presented at the Geek Picnic festival a unique dress created using 3D technology. The presentation of the 3D dress took place on the main stage of the Geek Picnic festival, which was held on July 13–14 at Vorobyovy Gory. 

The uniqueness of the 3D-dress created in MAI is in its technological effectiveness. For the first time, clothes printed on a 3D printer were made jointly by clothing designers and engineers. In the future, the development of such technologies, allowing to create complex curvilinear elements, will allow to obtain a new functional quality of various products made using additive technologies.

The use of 3D printing technology in the fashion industry makes it possible to implement models of super-complex geometry that are fully adapted to the customer's figure, since 3D scan of the body is carried out during prototyping. The main part of the dress was designed for industrial printing technology. It was possible not only to realize the conceived design concept, but also to make the process the most economical both in time and in material costs,” - said Andrey Rypetskiy, Head of the 3D printing School of MAI.

Geek Picnic CEO Marina Smirnova notes:”The Geek Picnic festival changes attitudes towards the world around us, reloads, teaches critical thinking, rebuilds both internally and externally. When I began to lead the festival, I felt that my style of dressing had changed. I thought about how the fashion of the future would look like - the idea of a dress was born.”

Modern technologies of 3D printing are actively developing and becoming more and more accessible. However, the production of clothing on a 3D printer is a complex engineering task, since in most cases 3D printing is used to produce inflexible parts. The Moscow Aviation Institute has created a 3D dress not only aesthetically attractive, but also a dress that can be worn.

It should be noted that participation in such popular science and educational projects has become traditional for the Moscow Aviation Institute. The university participates in such city events as “Day without Turnstiles”, “University Saturdays”, and the leading teachers of the MAI regularly give open lectures at various venues in the capital.


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