Let's Get It Started: Oppening of the International Aerospace Summer School in MAI

On July 16, the International Aerospace Summer School was opened at Moscow Aviation Institute. 108 students from the People's Republic of China are participating in the program. The International Summer Program has been held at MAI for the second year in a row. In the summer of 2018, the International Aerospace Summer School was also held at MAI, which was devoted to aircraft modeling and product lifecycle management.  The students of this year will study the unmanned aerial vehicles in two directions: additive technologies and drone design. The choice of the subject of the summer school is always determined by the technological trends of the aerospace industry in general, and MAI in particular.

Any student over 18 years old can become a participant of the MAI summer school. Students of China, where MAI has more than 10 partner universities, indicated their keen interest in the program. The students came from Beijing University of Aviation and Astronautics, Zhejiang University and Beijing Institute of Technology.

At the opening ceremony of the International Aerospace Summer School of MAI, students were greeted by the Director of Summer School Alexander Khvan, Assistant to the Rector Anna Katkina and Head of the Directorate for Advanced Scientific Programs Roman Klinovskiy.

“A unique feature of our MAI summer school is that students during the educational process immediately receive practical applied skills,” - said Alexander Khvan.-  “The program is structured in such a way that a student immediately after the lecture goes to a laboratory, where he works out knowledge on a 3D printer or starts programming drones, consolidating acquired skills.”

During the week, the participants of MAI summer school will get acquainted with the basics of designing plastics and polymer composite constructions, learn how to program and control drones, take part in drone racing, launch a glider and see the main sights of the capital.

“I am so glad that I am in MAI! I like Moscow very much: the weather is good and green is everywhere. In China, I study robotics, and my teacher advised me to join intensive training at the MAI summer school, although I know about MAI for a long time: many of my friends studied here. It is always interesting for me to get new knowledge, which I can use in my future profession. When I heard about the majors that this year will be at the MAI summer school, I immediately applied for participation,” - said Guo Xiaowen, a student of Beijing Institute of Technology. 

The International Aerospace Summer School of MAI-2019 is a one week intensive program for students from world technical universities in order to broaden their knowledge in the field of aviation, aerospace, engineering and information technology. The main goal of the MAI International Aerospace Summer School  is to popularize Russian higher technical education and open Russia, as a country of opportunities, a high-tech industry and innovation. In addition to engineering skills, students learn Russian culture and language.


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